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Mobile indoors device convergence             


Tomorrow's Mobile world

Wireless mobile communication is about to be revolutionized with the growing availability of advanced IP capabilities on mobile devices.

Fixed-Mobile convergence is now, more than ever, within reach and VTU technology aims at being one of the few key players in this field.

More than a trend, this technology evolution towards the “all in one” concept, is about merging leading wireless communication protocols and services into one single mobile handset.

VTU is a young company focusing on the development of software solutions and enable all open OS smartphones users to make regular phone calls and SIP calls from Home or Office seamlessly using regular landlines or broadband connection.


Our Vision

VTU's objective is to become a major player in the arena of Mobile device convergence, with a special focus on indoors voice solutions for mobile phones.  VTU expects to penetrate the mobile market with innovative  products unifying multiple voice services and communication networks into a single mobile device.

The user will experience the same service while on the move, in the office or at home, using the same phone number. VTU's client software implementation guarantees excellent voice quality and supports advanced voice services, major OS and most popular mobile devices in the market.  It allows easy customization to meet client's needs and satisfy the requirements of different market segments.

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